The “Outstanding Poles” in the UK receive their awards!

We now know the names of the laureates of the first edition of the “Outstanding Pole in England, Wales and Northern Ireland” contest, organised by PANGEA Magazine and Polish City Club. The award ceremony was attended by Witold Sobków, the ambassador of Poland in the UK, and Andrzej Czernek, “Teraz Polska” foundation CEO.

In the hospitable interiors of the Polish Institute and the General Władysław Sikorski Museum at 20 Prince’s Gate in London, awards were made in four categories: “Science,” “Culture,” “Personality” and “Young Pole.”

The award in the “Science” category went to Dr. Joanna Bagniewska – a zoologist at University of Reading, FameLab 2014 laureate, and a co-creator of Federation of Polish Student Societies in the UK.Dr Bagniewska has a passion to popularize science. 

The award in the “Culture” category went to Ms. Dana Parys-White – a poet, a writer, author of theatrical translations, and articles and reviews published in English, Canadian and Austrian magazines for the Polish diaspora.

The Competition Chapter decided to give the “Personality” award to Mrs. Małgorzata Brady – an originator of many projects, founder of Polish British Integration Centre. In this category, two distinctions were also awarded: to Ms. Gosia McKane and Ms. Jolanta Zgłobicka. 


Ambasador Witold Sobków i Andrzej Czernek z Fundacji “Teraz Polska” podczas wręczania nagród w konkursie “Wybitny Polak”

Mr. Łukasz Samek was the winner in the “Young Pole” category. Łukasz is a director of the Middlesbrough Futsal Club, an author of numerous publications in Polish migrants’ media, and an active member of Round Table, Darlington Town Twinning Association and Arthur Wharton Foundation. He eagerly takes part in all charity actions and events promoting Polish culture. 

No awards were made in the “Business” category.

Wybitny Polak

Od lewej Ambasador Witold Sobków, Maria Byczyńska i Jerzy Byczyński

An additional category was the Internet Users’ Award. Till 15th of April 2015, Internet users could vote for their favourite participant. With almost 10 thousand votes, the winner was Jerzy Byczyński, a 25-year old graduate of International Law at the Westminster University and British Law at BPP, a co-founder of the British Polish Law Association and a leader of a political group, Polish Professionals. Jerzy Byczyński is also a chairman of the Polish Youth Association Patriae Fidelis and British Poles Initiative coordinator. 

The special awards went to Professor Zbigniew Pełczyński and Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz.

Joanna Napiórkowska
Photos: Maria Byczyńska