The Third Annual Outstanding Pole in the UK Awards

Under honorary patronage of Embassy of the Republic of Poland in London, PANGEA Magazine has announced third edition of “The Outstanding Pole in the United Kingdom” contest.

Its main objective are to create a positive image of Poles living and working in the United Kingdom. Beyond that, the competition is designed to present the achievements to a wide audience and to build up the recognition of people who have been successful outside the borders of Poland.

The competition will be held both in the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland). It consist of five main categories: Business, Culture, Science, Personality, and “The Young Pole”.

  1. Within the BUSINESS category suggested candidates should have a documented history of running a business. They should be able to prove considerable commercial success and a respected position within their sector.
  2. The second category, CULTURE, should include candidatures of people involved in creative work (e.g. composers, writers, poets, painters, directors, actors, etc.), as well as those whose task it is to promote culture in any way.
  3. The best candidates for the next category –SCIENCE – are people with proven achievements who work primarily within the scientific and educational sectors in institutions in the UK.
  4. The next category, PERSONALITY, is designed for individuals with outstanding authority, activity, personal resourcefulness and initiative, for instance in social life (including charity).
  5. Lastly, “THE YOUNG POLE” is the prime category for individuals who are less than 35 years old and have been successful in one of the above categories, or whose professional performance has had a positive impact on the local community and has contributed significantly to building a positive image of Poles and Poland in the United Kingdom.

The jury is also honouring the people who are not Polish, but do support Polish communities abroad.

Representatives of Polish organisations, societies and associations operating in Great Britain are invited to be candidates for the nominations. However, individual applications are also welcome. Each entry should include the candidate’s CV in which the achievements nominating him/her for the prize are clearly manifested. 

Complete documentation of each applicant should consist of:

  • Application form with signatures of the supporters.
  • Curriculum Vitae of the applicant specifically stating his/hers merits, max. 1 page A4
  • Personal statement signed by the applicant whereby he/she/they agree(s) to participate in the contest and act according to its rules and conditions.
  • Personal statement signed by the applicant accepting the use of personal data by organisers of the competition.

To download the documents please click HERE 

Applications must be submitted by the 14th of February 2016 to the following address:

23 Melville Street
Edinburgh EH3 7PE
„Outstanding Pole 2016”
Private & Confidential