The power of self-acceptance

Why is positive thinking so difficult? The authors of the newly emerging operational models try to explain it in a variety of ways. The key to success is acceptance. So it is time to change the old habits so that we can get a taste of a new, happy life.

Techniques, workshops, training courses. One book, the second book, a test. Dead end. Our mind, hazy from boredom and stress, does not want to think positively, because it does not know how to do it. But we can train ourselves into positive thinking. It is possible and easy. With it will come all this great power that sages write about. We will have an impact on the space around us, in accordance with the saying “what you want, is happening”. We will not have power over the universe, but the fulfilment of dreams will be much easier.

Based on my years of research and working with hundreds of people, I have discovered the cause of the difficulty in changing our thinking. Well, each of us has his own system of values. Each value is the content, which we give the appropriate level. This in turn, depends on the degree of development of the content. And the fact that the mind does not like the unknown, it will favour what it knows and can do. Let us take courage as an example. I wish, that my value system was higher than it actually is, because, even though I appreciate it, I’m quite shy, meaning that I have not developed it enough for me to use it. The conclusion is that the system of values is not only what we have been given from the environment. Each of us has his own system, but we are not often aware of its existence, because we are constantly using this external universally that we recognize. For example, when we are taught that the greatest value is to helping others. Yes, it’s very noble, but what if, in the middle, we feel that we do not feel like it, on the contrary, we feel abused by the environment? We then live in the internal conflict, which, unfortunately, entails consequences such as a sense of failure, longing, boredom, impatience, and finally, depression. One thing is certain: in this state it is impossible to think positively.

pozytywne myslenie

Each content develops in us, and so does the system of values. Moreover, what will be important for the teenager is completely different for a man in his fifties. Let’s take a look at it slightly metaphorically. A seed in the ground, that starts sprouting, will focus on the water, light and space. Do not think about the flowers yet, which will be pollinated, and will later become fruits. The seed has the potential, which will be developed based on the specific values. Our problem is that we are thinking too much. We worry about the fruit, while we are still at the stage of a seed. And what if we can learn to accept the condition in which we currently are, and live the life to the fullest, here and now, with no claims as to the shape and colour of our fruits? There will always be an effect, but almost never as our mind planned it, based on several data. Yes, we plan, expect, require, but with the acceptance and understanding of our current situation. A seed knows that it must focus its strength on growth, because it will change. It has to be a tree. Healthy and strong. At each stage of growth he will need different content, and hence – will change its system of values.

It is the acceptance that is necessary for this, so that we can achieve a state of inner balance. Then we just are, in peace, at ease. For others, it will be positive thinking. For us – a normal state. And we reach an acceptance when we understand that all events are the result of our work on raising levels of content. And so it has to be. Always positive.

By Monika Rajska