The newest issue of Pangea Magazine November/December 2015

A word from the editor

First of all, I would like to thank all the guests who honoured us with their presence at Prince Jan Żyliński’s “White House” palace during the inauguration of the PANGEA Magazine & NAO Institute in London. I hope that contacts made there will be the basis of many interesting projects and initiatives in the future.

Continuing on our London journey, I would like to invite you to the world of the renowned Polish portraitist Barbara Hamilton, by whose talented hands unique paintings have been created depicting the most noble people of the modern world.

Scotland on the other hand, after a long time on the sidelines, was recently witness to an historic moment – the unveiling of a monument of a soldier of the Polish Army along with his legendary war companion, a brown Syrian bear. It recalls the tragic history of the Anders’ army, which at last, after 70 years welcomes a happy ending.

Kinga Eva Plich



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