The Metaphysical Caravan from Lodz at Fringe Festival

The Metaphysical Caravan is an extraordinary mobile stage presenting the work of Pinocchio Theatre from Poland. Parked up at Summerhall this festival, it will host three different solo performances (The Sunset, A Table for Two People, Re-Animation) with no spoken dialogue and very creative workshops. A special, imaginative experience for the whole family, running for one week only.

THE SUNSET (11.00 am)

Imagine a common room with an armchair, lamp and a turned on TV set showing nothing but white noise. In that room sits an old lady, the one who you can sometimes pass by crossing the street or on the staircase. Stop for a moment. The old lady invites you to her home and into her everyday life. Find out what she thinks and what she longs for. Etude is a poetic tale of ageing, loneliness and going by, but also a journey into the beautiful memories and dreams.
Actress: Ewa Wróblewska


There is a table, two chairs, two plates, two sets of cutlery and one man. How will he cope with the excess of food and unbearable loneliness? Using just sole imagination he is able to connect with the surrounding objects and bring a companion to life. Etude “Table for Two People” is a metaphorical story about loneliness, friendship and unlimited power of human creation.
Actor: Krzysztof Ciesielski

RE-ANIMATION (3.00 pm)

There is a cosy bedroom with a big comfy bed, floppy rug and a night cupboard with many trinkets. A woman who lives in, after putting her tired head on the pillow and bed leg under the cover discovers that when her brain is sleeping… hands and legs are… awake! Solo performance ‘Re-animation’ is a funny story about body weak points, first-aid and power of love.
Actress: Hanna Matusiak

More information: www.themetaphysicalcaravan.blogspot.co.uk

The project is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland and Lodz City Council.