The Embassy of Brazil in the UK invites you to the performance “For Elise”


Celebrating the launch of the book Contemporary Brazilian Theatre, the Embassy of Brazil in London presents one of the plays contained in this anthology: For Elise. Written by Grace Passô, and translated by Daniel Hahn, it is being directed by Ramiro Silveira with an international cast of actors and musicians.   
A housewife that tells tales about her neighbours. A dog that barks words. A garbage man in search of his father, who he hasn’t seen in years. A woman who is lost. An employee who works picking up sick dogs, wearing a uniform that lets him feel nothing, neither when he is beaten up nor when he is loved.For Elise was the first creation by the Brazilian theatre company Espanca! and the play that made Grace Passô one of the most well-known contemporary playwrights in Brazil. The play opened in 2005, in Curitiba, Brazil, and since then has been seen by more than 35,000 people in 186 sessions, in 50 different cities all over the country. The play has also been performed in Berlin and has taken part in 27 national and international theatre festivals all over Brazil. For Elise has won all the major Brazilian theatre awards and is a perfect example of the new Brazilian dramaturgy.
This beautiful tale of love, friendship and hope promotes the launching of Contemporary Brazilian Theatre, an anthology sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil and edited by Oberon Books; a publication that brings together six Brazilian contemporary plays, reflecting the great creative effervescence that the country has been experiencing.
The main hall of the Embassy of Brazil in London (Sala Brasil) will be turned into this surreal neighbourhood where simple characters live their lives, stories emerge from the past, mundane issues become universal, avocados fall from trees and we are invited to contemplate our own existence.

The audience will be given a complimentary copy of Contemporary Brazilian Theatre.

Guests are invited to stay, after the play, for a discussion on Contemporary Brazilian Theatre with theatre specialists, academics, actors and directors.  


For Elise

Written by

Grace Passô


Translated by

Daniel Hahn


Directed by

Ramiro Silveira




Andre Pink

Andrew McPherson

Fernanda Mandagará

James Little

Najla Andrade


Musical Direction

Ella Bellsz


Produced by

Fernanda Mandagará