Skin Care Acids: not as scary as you may think

Winter is the season which is best suited for all kinds of beauty treatments. It is the time of year when our skin needs a boost of energy. Let’s treat it with skin care acids. Does that sound scary? Not necessarily.  Dermatologists have been taking advantage of their phenomenal benefits for quite some time now.

Intensive acid treatments exfoliate skin, even out the skin tone and restore its radiance and youthful glow. What is more, they help get rid of problematic dry skin patches and prepare your face for an application of various nutrients later. For a proper acid treatment, it is best to see a beautician, who will be able to choose the right type of acid and its concentration for your skin type. The treatment can also be done at home, but you must remember to start with low concentrations of acids (never exceeding 20%).

I would recommend that you start your adventure with mandelic acid, which is gentle and will not sensitize your skin to sunlight, thus minimising any risk of skin discolouration. Nevertheless, it is vital to use sunscreens with high SPV or natural oils, such as raspberry oil. You shouldn’t undergo acid skin treatments if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, menstruating or experiencing acute skin irritation or acne. The treatment should be performed in a series of 10 applications at least two weeks apart. Before each treatment, all sensitive areas of the face, such as around the eyes, lips and nose, need to be protected by a layer of a deep hydrating cream.

Here goes a recipe for a homemade acid treatment. Below you will find the right levels of concentration for mandelic acid, which can be obtained by adding acid to water (Always remember to add acid to water and not the other way round!).

10%-0.5 ml of mandelic acid + 3.6 ml of water
20%- 1.25 ml of mandelic acid + 4ml of water

This solution is then applied to the face and left for 20 minutes.  After that time, it needs to be removed using a cotton pad and warm water.  The next step should be to calm down any potential skin irritation with a moisturising mask (such as an algae mask). Remember to use a gentle, moisturising cream with UV protection during the entire duration of the treatment. Initially, your skin may flake but this is due to the beneficial effects of the mandelic acid – this is how your skin regenerates and you can rest assured that soon enough it will look beautiful and radiant.

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By Natalia Gurgul
Photo: Elwira Niedźwiecka