Seduce your business partners!

When you hear about the art of seduction, your thoughts immediately jump to flirting with an attractive partner. But if you think about it, all communication is a chance to impress, seduce, and win over your interlocutor.

You seduce not only in personal relationships, but also when making a sale, managing a team or leading a company. You seduce with a gesture, a word, a smile, a tone of voice, your outfit, your posture, your convictions, your world-view, your position, your car. So try to think about communication process not only as an occurrence of an efficient exchange of news, but also as a tool in the manager’s kit, which can provide you with measurable business benefits, if, in the process of communication, you know how to highlight your assets and steer the conversation.

We invite you for a training session led by Dr. Dariusz Tarczyński – a business psychologist, founder and the CEO at the Non-Invasive Personality Analysis Institute; creator of personality analysis methods based on looks and speech, author of the books: „Jak odczytać człowieka z wyglądu” (“How to read one’s looks), „Zrozumieć człowieka z wyglądu” (“How to understand one’s looks”), „Psychografologia” (“Psychographology”), and „Słowa klucze” (“Key words”), as well as of many articles on interpersonal communication, personality analysis and business psychology.

Dr. Tarczyński has a long and rich experience as a business coach. He leads developmental workshops, notably management skill sessions for management boards. He conducted over 10 000 hours of training sessions, in the area of communication, sales techniques, motivation skills, team management, negotiation and influencing techniques, and crisis management. He is an experienced negotiator, and an image advisor for politicians and businessmen.

As an expert in body language, communication and self-presentation, Dr. Tarczyński has been invited many times to TVP 1 and TVP 2 studios (Polish National TV broadcasters) and TV Polsat Biznes, where he runs his own show, “BUSINESS MENU – BUSINESSMEN.”

The programme of the training session:

Self-presentation – targeted and efficient.

  • How to make a “good” first impression?
  • The meaning of the non-verbal communication (the language of the outfit) in maximising the impression we make on others.
  • Body language – a man of success v. a man of defeat

Communication as the art of seduction

  • Professional dialogue development (introduction, body, conclusion).
  • A word, a gesture, an outfit – the verbal and non-verbal message.
  • Steering the conversation in business: how to listen; how to speak to be listened to; how to ask questions (open, close, suggestive and leading questions); how to influence convictions of others; how to use the language of benefits?

Emotions in communication

  • Positive and negative emotions and their effect on interpersonal relations.
  • The importance of emotion expression in relation to the gender.

Date and place:
Saturday, 5th of September 2015

The Carlton Hotel
19 North Bridge 
EH1 1SD Edinburgh
(The Perth Suite)