In order to promote valuable initiatives, at home and abroad alike, Pangea Magazine offers patronage for various cultural, educational, economic, business, and academic events and activities. The patronage may be offered for activities directly co-organized by the magazine, but also for those related to our areas of interest.

As a patron, Pangea Magazine will:

  • Present information about the event/ activity in the News or other appropriate section online/ in the printed issue,
  • Present information about the event on our main page and in the “Patronage” section of the website,
  • Place the logos of the sponsors, and include information about them in the press release,
  • Promote the event via our Social Media channels – Facebook, Twitter,
  • Insert a link to the website of the event or the organizer,
  • Publish a review from the event on the website.

To offer our patronage, we ask for:

  • Placing the logo of Pangea Magazine in the program, posters, leaflets, invitations and other promotional materials,
  • Placing the logo/ banner of Pangea Magazine and a link on the website of the organizer, the event or the artists involved,
  • Presenting Pangea Magazine as a Media Patron during the event,
  • Issuing press passes for Pangea Magazine representatives,
  • Placing the roll-up banner with the logotype of Pangea Magazine in a visible place during the event,
  • Sending an electronic package of promotional materials to the address:, before the beginning of the event,
  • Providing at least two free tickets/ invitations to be distributed among readers in an Internet contest – in the case of commercial events.

Technical requirements on the promotional materials supplied by the organizers:

  • Text files in .doc or .rtf format.
  • Pictures in .jpg format, min. resolution 800×600 pixels.
  • Graphic files in .psd, .ai, .tif, .gif .jpg formats.
  • Materials for downloading in the .pdf format.


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