Nicole Termin – Career is a long-term investment

Having moved to UK she started as most of the emigrants – working as a waitress in a restaurant. Today Nicole Termin breaks all the stereotypes of Polish people living in the UK. Despite her young age she successfully runs her own company helping others in planning their career paths. What’s the young Pole’s secret?

She came to England a few years ago under the “Erasmus” project for an internship in a small recruitment agency in Bath. At that time her knowledge of English was far worse than it is now, she’s laughing that she couldn’t even understand her manager explaining her work duties to her.

Shortly after the internship Nicole moved to London where she worked as a supervisor in a clothes boutique. That job gave her sort of independence and financial stability. However, the comfort she felt was only a sign for her that she stopped moving forward and she needed to find some more challenging job to develop herself.


She found employment at the main British independent exporter of office machines. “I sent thousands of CVs, was invited to lots of job interviews… I must have made all the possible mistakes seeking job, but at that time I had no idea what I was doing wrong. No employer was willing to hire me and I even thought of coming back to Poland.” – that’s how Nicole recalls the time of seeking job. Fortunately, she never gave up and now she can take advantage of her own experience in her business. She helps people build their career starting from making a decision related to their professional life, writing a CV and cover letter, through selecting potential employers and participating in job interviews to planning their career paths. The best part is that her work brings real effects.

Nicole Termin

More and more people started asking her about the secret of her success and that’s when she came up with an idea to start her own business. Nicole was breaking all the stereotypes of young people living and working abroad – she managed to work in an English-speaking office and made a huge step forward when it comes to her professional career and personal development. Her first “clients” were her friends but the group of people seeking help was increasing. There is a huge competency on the job market and very often there are hundreds of candidates for one position. It is vital to know how to outstand among others, write a perfect CV, how to impress recruiters and, most importantly, choose a job that would be in compliance with one’s skills, education and interests.

Nicole helps individual clients as well as give group trainings related to planning a career path compatible with one’s abilities. Her aim is to reach the greatest group of people possible and inspire them to make a change. She wants to give motivational speeches and teach how to build career and plan professional development. In her opinion people don’t even realise how many little elements they should pay attention to in order to find an ideal job or outstand among candidates for their dream job position. Nicole works also as a trainer for companies teaching employers how to choose future employees from hundreds of candidates.

Nicole Termin

When asked about the key to international success, the young Polish woman says: “All depends on how determined you are. I failed many times, cried many times and there were moments I wanted to come back to my home in Poland where everything could be simpler with help from my family and friends. But I believed that my struggles would lead me to success one day. My plan was to reach the moment when I could say to myself – This is the place I have always wanted to be and this is my conscious choice that I’m here. It’s hard to stop me, I’m always moving forward. It’s important to have a plan, ambition and a bit of luck. It may sound cliché but I do believe I wouldn’t be where I am now without my consistency.”

For more information about Nicole Termin’s business activity, visit her website: www.nicoletermin.com

Justyna Norbert