Monika Jabłońska – Social business for a noble cause

It is hard to believe that in the 21st century there are still places on Earth where people have nothing to eat. The problem of malnutrition impacts also children and not only in far away Malawi but also in Poland. One entrepreneurial Pole from New York decided to change it and has shown that one human can change lives of many.

Monika Jabłońska is a law graduate from Poland and the US. Having earned a master’s degree in literature, she’s now working on her PhD in international relations. In 2012, she established the World Nurture Foundation, a non-profit organization, in New York. The official launching of the foundation took place during a United Nations conference on  Balanced Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. To mark the momentous occasion, World Nurture Foundation, World UN Nutrition Program, and Brazil’s Ministry of Environment organized a special concert which took place at the Tom Jobim theater, in the very heart of the most beautiful botanic garden in Rio de Janeiro.     

The foundation was not enough for Monika Jabłońska and a year later she established a company called Nurture the World. It is a for-profit organization with a social mission: its aim is to sell high quality products around the world, and a portion of the profit is earmarked to nurture children in schools in Poland, USA, and other parts of the world. The UN World Nutrition Program (WFP Centre of Excellence against Hunger) and other organizations fighting to eliminate the problem of hunger among children joined the project.

Nurture the World manufactures its products locally in Brazil, USA, and Europe. This way it contributes national economies, takes part in reducing local unemployment, promotes local businesses and their services, and supports regional charity organizations, including a program of nurturing children at schools. Where possible, Nurture aids local farmers who deliver the fresh products to the school cafeterias.  

How can we help to nurture the young? It is simple: by buying Nurture the World products. At first Monika designed a Nurture bag „Share the Love with Children” for the World UN Nutrition Program to raise the funds and raise awareness concerning the nutrition program in the local schools in Malawi. Then further satchels appeared for Poland, Brazil, Hungary and other countries. In Poland we can get a Nurture Bag PL5 – one bag means 5 meals for a child at a Polish school. Nurture supports also the Polish Red Cross (PCK), in particular its nurturing program for school kids.

Today Nurture the World offers a variety of products: from the above mentioned bags to clothes and accessories which are created by Nurture the World, famous fashion designers, and artists from different parts of the planet. Some of the profits are earmarked for  organization nurturing the children in selected countries and, furthermore, the buyer – by her or his choice of buying a specific product – decides on one’s own what amount he wants to earmark to nurturing and which organization one wants to support.

In Poland the company is so successful that such stars as Edyta Górniak and Marta Żmuda-Trzebiatowska, who is Nurture’s brand ambassador, strongly support and promote the idea created by Monika. Nurture the World products are also worn by such people as Anna Lewandowska, Małgorzata Socha, and Agnieszka Maciąg. Łukasz Jemioł joined us to  designe a t-shirt for Nurture. Bizuu company prepared a dress and Lilou created the pedant in the shape of a heart. Soon we will hear about other projects of Nurture and new partners for its projects. Willingness to help, which can be expressed by every Polish citizen joining this noble cause, pours joy into hearts of all the members of the Nurture the World team. More and more companies, private individuals, corporations, and artists have contacted Nurture to join them with one thing in common: an eagerness to join the campaign to against children’s hunger in Poland and all around the world.

Philanthropic activities of Monika Jabłońska extend beyond Nurture the World. She also writes books and articles and cooperates with Onet.pl where her own original net TV-based program, called „Heart 2 Heart,” features Monika’s interviews on business and philanthropy with interesting people from around the world.

What are Monika’s plans for the future? The founder of Nurture the World does not want to reveal the details but promoting the brand all over the globe and conquering new markets – both European and global – come to mind. ,,When you love your work, when you are passionate about what you do and when you have good intentions, then the world one day will open for you and you will get your chance” – says Monika. And this is what we wish her from the bottom of our hearts.

By Nicole Termin
Photo: Justyna Rybalko