Mateusz Grzesiak – Become a new person!

Mateusz Grzesiak is an international personal development coach with a passion for showing people the way to self-fulfilment. He has reached an audience of more than 14 million across a variety of media, and has spent 13,000 hours on educating people. He speaks 8 languages.

He told us: “It’s important that people understand what I want to say, hence I analyse my audience from the demographic and psychographic point of view. This allows me to create an atmosphere where people have fun, which makes it easier for everyone to stay focused and to memorise what’s important.”

He hopes that by sowing little seeds which will grow in the minds of his audience, it will change people lives for the better. The size of the audience is an important factor in the success of Mateusz’s methods. The more time you have and the smaller the audience, the more substantive the training, whereas in a bigger groups he tries to play more on an emotional note.

It sometimes helps to get the message across when it’s delivered with a little humour and although it’s not always possible to make people laugh, the good humour and kindness which guides Mateusz’s personal life tends to make people feel good around him.

When asked which of the eight languages he feels is most effective, Mateusz says that every language has its benefits. He says he does not, for example, argue with his wife in any language other than Spanish, because she can best express her feeling in her own tongue.

So which language is Mateusz planning to conquer next, in order to spread the knowledge further and change more lives? Probably Chinese, he says, but he stresses that there is plenty of work still to do using the languages he knows – so maybe a new language will be a project for the future.

Unwinding after training, Mateusz likes to change track completely, by watching an American action movie, for instance, where he doesn’t have to use his intellect. He also enjoys sport, meditation and going out with friends.

If you want to find out more about Mateusz Grzesiak, visit his website at: www.mateuszgrzesiak.com/en/

Anna Mężyk