Male blogosphere. How do men dress up?

The female fashion blog sector is expanding at a rapid pace. But what about the men? Who is catering for them? Yes, there are fewer sited dedicated to male fashion, but that is not to say that they are of inferior quality in style or content. Quite the opposite, in fact. There are many such blogs of world class and they are well worth reading.

Shoes collector

This is a blog about sneakers, nothing more, nothing less. The author focuses only the items that he finds truly interesting. This narrow approach means you can trust his specialist knowledge and enjoy some appropriate, targeted information. His site – www.kolekcjonerbutow.pl – showcases the very latest styles. There are reviews and advice columns on how to take care of your favorite pair of shoes, as well as tips on how to spot the fakes. This is the bible for sneaker heads.

Szczepan Radzki1

Photo by Szczepan Radzki

Mr. Vintage

This site, run by Michał Kędziora and called “Professor Miodek of the Male Fashion”, is inspired by the classical male fashion and since 2009 has been one of the most popular sites on the blogosphere for male fashion in Poland. Here you can track down great finds such as an elegant watch for 500 PLN or a classic, winter sweater. He operates in conjunction with the biggest brands who appreciate his refined style. Beautiful pictures and stylisations abound. Follow Mr. Vintage’s style tips and you won’t go far wrong.

Michał Kędziora

Michał Kędziora – Photo by Maciej Gajdur



A regular visitor to most important events in the world fashion, Bryan Boy’s site (www.bryanboy.com) is a true precursor of the fashion blogs. He wears what he wants, completely disregarding current trends or fashions which others might regard as essentials. For him, fashion is fun and his style can definitely be described as brave and elaborate, in a trendsetting sense. But what else would you expect from the ultimate trendsetter?

Exclusive Guzzler

Here is a true star of the Polish blogosphere. Famous and popular. He has been promoting a strong, characterful masculine style for more than 2 years and is widely regarded as having launched the fashion for beards in Poland. Check out his a book, “Exclusive Guzzler” where he reveals his recipe for both classic and less formal stylings.

Eksluzywny Menel

Eksluzywny Menel, Photo by Viktoria Skrobotuz


Stay Classic

Tim is a photographer living in New York. His blog represents the stylish evolution of the author from Californian skater to the fan of classics which he has become. We recommend!

I am Galla

A handsome blogger with the hunky looks of a male model, Adam Gallagher’s trademark signs are shirts and Ray-Ban glasses. The style he presents is classic with unique editions and accessories. On his blog he presents not only his ideas but also daily stylings as well as the inspirations and journey diaries which are followed by hundreds of observers around the world.


Oliver Waimea is another popular blogger who helps you to navigate your way through the web of fashion trends. Oliver does not constrain himself to one style: he is equally at home in sport hoodies and in the classic trench matched with a golden chain. A plus for creativity, his fresh look at fashion and a head full of ideas.

Nabil Unity

Nabil is without a doubt one of the most original of Poland’s fashion blogers. Fashion is his passion, which can be seen in every detail of his stylings. He is not afraid of experimentation and dedicates his time to creating extraordinary looks.

Proof if needed that male fashion doesn’t have to be boring and extends well beyond the few basic parts of the wardrobe. The male bloggers featured here demonstrate that fashion is not a women-only business. Men also have the means to express themselves by wearing perfectly tailored clothing.

By Agata Strójwąs
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