The legendary Polish music star on a tournée in the States!

Stan Borys, a Polish vocalist known from hits such as “Anna” or “Swallow in a Trap” is currently in the US, promoting his newest LP – “Ikona.” 

“Ikona” hit the shelves in spring 2014. Recorded in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Poland, the LP is a testimony for fascination with symphonic, energetic rock. The song which promotes the record is entitled “Stokrocie.” The words were written by Stan himself. It is a witty and ironic tribute to womanhood. Other songs include some of Stan’s rearranged greatest hits or compositions alluding to the greatest poems of Polish authors, such as Mickiewicz, Lechoń or John Paul II.

Borys became famous in 1973, when his song “Jaskółka uwięziona” (“Swallow in a trap”) was awarded journalists’ prise in Opole and two main prises on the great Polish song festival in Sopot.  However, the fame came together with repercussions. The song about a bird trapped in a church became forbidden in communist Poland. As the artist recalls: “I was interrogated why I sang about a cathedral and freedom. Jaskółka was intolerable for the authorities.”

That’s why Borys had to make a difficult decision about emigration. Years later, he does not regret his decision. “I suspect that in the circumstances back then, e.g. martial law in Poland, I would either lose myself, or be lost. In the States, I could follow my own path without any obstacles being placed in front of me.” Borys adds that the emigration was also important for his professional development. “I received additional training there. I’ve also learned some additional respect for work, art, for doing your job. Of course I had respected them before, but in the States it has gained a new dimension.”

The LP contains 11 songs. Some are classical Borys’s hits in new, rocking versions. “No-one sings today like I sang forty years ago, no-one makes the same orchestrations. I don’t even know why I kept the same key” – is Borys’s explanation for the changes. Other songs on the LP are new. The recordings were mastered by Jacek Gawłowski, a Grammy winner of 2013.

Stan Borys’s tour in the USA is a great treat for music lovers and admirers of the Polish music scene. Upcoming concerts, will be held on February 28 and, to celebrate the Women’s Day, on March 6, 7 and 8 in Connecticut and New Jersey. 

Dorota Peszkowska

Photo: Filmoteka Narodowa „Fototeka”