Kamil Lemieszewski – One Man Orchestra

They say he is a man of many faces. A Viking, who will sail to the horizon of his dreams. The others call him “Rumianek” (In English “Camomile”). But who really is Kamil Lemieszewski?

Surely a volcano of energy and a forge of ideas. A graduate in Medicine, Anthropology and of the Stunt Academy, with the vocation of an artist; a passionate historian and chef.

He is also an actor proud of his origin, who promotes Polishness while debuting at Daniel Craig and Guy Ritchie’s side.

His life is a constant journey. He is a sailor who loves adventures – not afraid of anything. He docks at a port and searches further for his own place in the world. Sometimes life places obstacles in his path, for example when two horses dragged him across the steppes of Mongolia, or when he was drowning in quicksand. But Kamil is like Indiana Jones – always manages to get out of trouble. There is no word for “impossible” in his dictionary. He sets goals that he pursues every day. If he fails at something, he tries until he succeeds. His main attributes are: battle strength, persistence and determination. He shows the world that in 24 hours you can do a million incredible things, meet interesting people and fulfil dreams. Moreover, he can get enough sleep in 30 minutes. He could never sit still. Even during his studies (in 4 fields) he worked as animator of culture, a stilt walker and a model, and acquired skills that he used to create “Incubator of Art”, Stara Szwalnia in Łódź”. As a circus pedagogue, and together with his friends, he launched project “CyrkOniJa” (which can be roughly translated as Circus-They-and I). They educated children from families at risk of social pathology, or jail. The subjects covered included theatre and circus arts.  Within the project, he traveled with the goal of helping children and young people around Poland. His “graduates” became known artists around the world, and carry out Kamil’s motto, which is: “Pass it on”.


Thorgal – phot. Bartosz Stępień

At the present time, Kamil Lemieszewski lives in the United Kindgom, where his noble ancestors along with Cnut the Great inhabited Britain, and without wasting any time at that! He has joined “365 Foundation” within which, along with his friends, he encourages people from around the world to do good deeds: every day in the year a minimum of one good deed so “the world can be a better and happier place”.  As he himself says, he devoted years of medical studies to become a (male) nurse of smiles.

Kamil Lemieszewski5

Photo: Piotr Kowalik ” the Makers ” short Movie

As he claims, he always had a lot of free time. In moments like these he organized fashion photo sessions and movie productions. He has already played in over 50 commercials and music videos, and also in several British movies. As the first Polish actor he stood side by side with James Bond and became a Hollywood Merlin. Last year he produced his first authorial movie in which he also starred. At the present moment, he is working as a model, newsman, actor, director and producer. He also initiated a project to popularize forgotten Polish history in “Lechians” group, promoting Slavic Mythology, and historical truths, and creating thematic educational movies. Does he plan to rest? We do not know, but he certainly wants to take the role in “Witcher” this year.

By Nicole Termin
Photo: Emil Biliński