“Feel your power!” – a meeting with Prince Jan Żyliński in Edinburgh

Prince Jan Żyliński – an aristocrat, a businessman, the richest Pole in the UK who achieved his wealth with his own work. A Polish patriot, a remarkable and inspirational figure, and a fantastic, talented speaker. Jan energizes his listeners by saying out loud what everyone thinks but are afraid to say.

Prince Jan’s mission is to gain respect for the Poles who live in the UK, and to showcase their contribution to the progress of British society. According to Jan, Poles are a gem in the British crown, and they should be treated accordingly. 

Jan will arrive to Edinburgh summoned by the local Polish community. During the meeting, he will explain what it means to him to be a Pole, why he challenged Nationalists’ leader to a duel, how we – the Polish community abroad – can fight for preservation of our dignity and national identity in these politically difficult times, and, last but not least, how we can work together and unite for the common good and a shared goal: gaining respect for the Polish people in the UK. 

The participants will be invited for a Q&A session with the Prince.

We heartily invite you for an inspiring and motivational meeting with the Polish Prince in Scotland!

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Ex-servicemen Club (SPK)
11 Drummond Place
Edynburg EH3 6PJ
3.00 – 6.00pm

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