Get a mortgage! Enroll with the Electoral Registration Office today.

You just need five minutes to improve your credit rating in Great Britain. It is not only about mortgage, credit card or a loan; registering also can influence such things as accessing mobile phone plans, car insurance options or bank accounts.

If you’re not on the electoral registration list, most probably, you won’t get a loan. Register as soon as possible. Don’t wait for the annual letter from the Electoral Registration Office. You can do it anytime on-line at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote.

Enter your post code to find the right electoral office, fill in the on-line form, print it (or print out an empty one and then fill in your details), sign it and post to the local Electoral Registration Office.

Some people are concerned that offices sell personal data. You can, however, select an option that does not allow for your details to be used for marketing purposes.

Credit agencies have access to all electoral register lists. By law you have to be on the register,  you cannot remove your details from there. Being registered may be a factor in increasing one’s credit standing. In cases where it doesn’t play a significant role in improving your credibility, it can still influence some processes as the lenders use the lists to verify your details and the address. Not being on the register could cause delays in proceedings.

It’s worth mentioning that private credit information bureaux may tell you that your credit check result is satisfactory even though you are not on the electoral register. Don’t gall into the trap of believing that not being registered won’t affect your credibility – it is certain to at some point in the future.

Many  Polish people also don’t realise that they now have more rights over deciding their future than they did before Poland joined European Union. As European citizens we are entitled to vote in local, parliamentary and UK elections.     

Joanna Napiórkowska
Nicole Termin