A world enriched by 197 female billionaires

According to the latest report prepared by the American consulting group Price Waterhouse Coopers, there are 197 female billionaires in the world, which – when compared to only 22 “fabulously rich” women in 1995 – is an impressive result.

Over the course of two decades, the female indicator among the richer part of the population has risen by 560%. Women are building their wealth through real estate investments, industrial companies and health. More than 80% of female billionaires are of American or European origin. The majority of women still inherit their wealth or take over an active role in a family business.

The trend towards more female billionaires is strengthening in Asia too. Over half of those Asian women whose fortunes are estimated to be more than 1 billion American dollars are a part of the so called first generation of entrepreneurs.

Women are catching up to men in statistics. The Billionaires Club consist of 1,826 people globally, and constitutes 90% of the population of very rich people. However, their number has increased more slowly compared to the percentage indicator of women (90:10).

The billionaires are getting rich faster than the global economy. In the 20 years up to 2014 their fortunes increased eightfold – up to 5 trillion 400 billion American dollars, whereas the global gross domestic product has increased only threefold – to 77 trillion American dollars.

Photo: Elwira Niedżwiecka
By Alicja Szablewska
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