Exhibition of work by award-winning artist launches at UWS

The new exhibition at the University’s Paisley Campus (Atrium) is free and open to the public from Friday 26 August until Friday 9 September 2016, between 8:30am and 4:30pm, Monday to Friday.

Dominika creates art that is evocative and dramatic and her paintings capture the infinite complexity and physicality of women. Born in Poland in 1982, and encouraged by an aunt who painted, she has been creating images ever since.

Dominika Żurawska

Dominika, who is now based in Paisley, graduated from the Bydgoszcz High School of Art, before studying at the Poznan Academy of Fine Arts. She was ‘Poznan Artist of the Year’ in 2005. Since 2002 her work has achieved international recognition. A painting of the singer Madonna, by whose strength and innovation Dominika is inspired, won approval from the celebrity herself, and was recently delivered to Madonna’s home in New York.

Professor Craig Mahoney, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of UWS, said: “We are delighted to hosts an exhibition of such and exciting and inspiring artist at our Paisley Campus. UWS is proud of the important role that is plays in the local community and we hope that members of public take the opportunity to view Dominika’s artwork.”

Prior to the launch of her new exhibition, Dominika delivered a public lecture at the University’s Paisley Campus as part of the University’s ‘Inspiring Women’ seminar series.

The lecture saw Dominika share her fascinating story about her rise from being a child inspired by the paintings created by her aunt to where she is today an internationally recognised and award winning artist.

Dominika Żurawska

Professor Mahoney added: “Dominika delivered a truly inspiring speech, which was extremely well received by colleagues, students and members of the public. It was fantastic to welcome such an inspiring individual to our Paisley Campus to deliver this presentation.”

Commenting on the lecture and the exhibition Dominika, who is a winner of the Society of Women Artists’ Caron Keating Memorial Award, said: It has been an amazing and massively important event for me. Not only I could share my story with such a large audience but I finally received a chance to make a proper solo show. The kind of show every artists dreams about. UWS gave me a chance that has been taken away from me over 10 years ago in my own country when my art has been called to controversial and I have been forbidden to exhibit in Warsaw. For that I will always be grateful.”

For more information on D.O.M. (Dominika Zurawska) visit www.domart.co.uk

Photos by Barbara Ostrowska