European Business Congress in Katowice

V European Business Congress of Small and Medium – Sized Enterprises is a recurring event aimed at small and medium–sized enterprises, businessmen and entrepreneurs. This year’s edition is a mixture of theory and practice in the business and scientific private and public sectors. 

Between 12 and 14 October the leading phrase in Katowice is going to be: Science- Business-Self-government Together for Economy. Participation in the Congress is free of charge and the event takes place under the honorary patronage of the European Commission and the high patronage of the European Parliament.

Six sessions

The congress covers six themes, each consisting of different events and sessions. The first theme is Innovative Company, Intelligent City, Competitive Region. The participants will learn how to increase their company’s competitiveness through innovation and where to look for funding for fresh ideas and solutions. The sessions will also cover cooperation between self-governments, job centres and small and medium-sized companies, as well as tailoring educational programmes so that they cater to the employers’ needs. The discussions will include matters of advances in medicine, tourism, nanotechnology, the power industry and multimedia.

Optimization in business is another interesting topic and a separate theme at the Congress. Experts will be answering questions regarding strategic management, financial development, new technologies in marketing and business safety, issues on how to build profitable business contacts, and effective and unique ways of solving  problems with contractors.

The rest of the sessions are dedicated to the subjects of leadership, strategy, dialogue and various aspects of enterprise. The Congress participants will have a chance to discuss what type of leaders Europe, Poland and other countries and companies need the most. The Entrepreneurship Has Many Names part of the conference consists of sessions dedicated to family business, succession and a system of hiring people with disabilities. There is also a number of panel sessions for people interested in international economic cooperation. This year the organizers decided to look more closely at cooperation opportunities presented by Eastern markets that American, Austrian, Czech, Slovak, and Turkish will understand in a broad sense. There are also going to be plenty of B2B and Face2Face meetings.

Accompanying events

The event is accompanied by Biznes Expo Fair and the fifth edition of the “Self–government that supports SME” programme aimed at young entrepreneurs. With them in mind, the Marketing and Sales Academy and panels dedicated to start-up companies, education and youth entrepreneurship matters were created.

A delegates convention of member organisations of the Brussels-based European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs will also take place at the Congress. The awards presentation of National Competition of Young Entrepreneurs 2015 are going to be part of the EU-US Young Entrepreneurs Summit Katowice 2015. There will be something offered for students, as they are the future of enterprise and have a solid knowledge base of innovation and new technologies. In one of the sessions, students will have an amazing opportunity to meet with inspiring leaders. Future Entrepreneurs 2015 is primarily aimed at students; however, all of the Congress’ guests will find the discussed issues relevant and interesting.

More information available on: www.ekmsp.eu.