Soccer ups and downs of Błażej Augustyn

The talented football player who played for many clubs, from local to the biggest European teams. The male fans appreciate his talent, female for his original type of beauty. His heart was stolen by a beautiful Italian woman, Monia La Ferrera, with whom he has a daughter.

The first football team of Błażej Augustyn was SK Strzelinianka Strzelin. At age 15 he moved to Wrocław, where just after a year he represented Poland in youth competitions. Then, he enrolled to sports school in Łódź, but his dream was always England. He believes that English football is the best in the world.

He started to fulfil his dream in 2005, when he made his debut for Bolton Wanderers, with whom he signed a professional contract. And although he was often consigned to the bench due to his young age, he remembers this period well – he had the opportunity to meet many famous professional players. Later, he was offered to play in Legia Warsaw – faced with the dilemma of Poland or England, he chose the former. The Warsaw team then recorded many successes.

Blazej Augustyn

Soon after that, he had to leave Legia. As he says – “for his too long tongue and hard character.” They accused him also of hypertrophy ambition and too much of self-confidence. He had to look for another team. And he did not wait long – in June 2008, a year after the contract with Legia, he went abroad, this time to Italy. After a few quite successful matches at Rimini Calcio, a series of misfortunes emerged to haunt him in the least expected moments of his career – the player tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee. After several months of rehabilitation and a short stay in Legia, Błażej returned to Italy, this time to Sicily, where he made his debut in the Italian Serie A. Already during the first match for Catania, he got a red card for a two offenses, which relegated him to the reserves forcing him to wait for his chance. His chance came when he won the trust of a certain coach, who was instrumental in his return to the pitch. Unfortunately, the player once again broke a ligament, this time his right knee.

Numerous injuries has shaken his confidence and badly affected his psyche – after his contract expired at Catania, he returned to Poland. There, he regained strength playing for Polish teams (i.e. Górnik Zabrze), but above all, he was waiting for his chance. And he lived to see it, when the Scottish team, Heart of Midlothian was looking for a central defender and scouted out Błażej.

In June, it will be a year since he started playing for the Edinburgh-based team. Although he has scored in only a few matches, he can see a difference between Scottish and even the Italian football – Scotland plays faster, often alone, while in Italy they focus on tactics and team play. With hindsight, he knows that he must respect the opportunity offered by fate – otherwise he can quickly lose what he has gained. We can only cheer for the young football player, and wish him the success that he is working so hard for. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the Polish in the Scottish league!

By Bartosz Żebrowski
Photos: Sebastian Kuczyński