Balladynas and romances by The Pinocchio Theatre in Lodz (Poland)

A splendidly structured, amusing, ironic and provocative tale about present-day Poland.

Moulded from pop culture icons and ancient myths, from grand religious tales as well as TV series, gods descend upon Earth to bring meaning back into the lives of apathetic and lonely humans.

First an audience becomes acquainted with the earthborn characters – Olga, tired out with living and aging, a couple going through a marital crisis, and a lonesome man. Then the gods come down to Earth to start talking about their problems to an audience, like in group therapy. Nike is a ‘corp cold bitch,’ while Balladyna and Grabiec run a catering business cleverly together. Aphrodite is a mere beauty. Eros didn’t have it easy as a child of two gay men. Jesus would like to reestablish his religion all anew. All of them, following the motto ‘a god’s place is on Earth, because a god distant is a god needless,’ are to remind the humans of their existence… 

A clash of the worlds of the deities and the earthlings triggers associations which form a basis for deliberations on the human condition and the interrelation between the tangible and the incomprehensible.

Besides the conventional acting and puppet techniques, there are projections used throughout the spectacle.

‘Balladynas and romances’ is an adaptation of a novel of the same name by the controversial writer Ignacy Karpowicz.

Director: Konrad Dworakowski 
Set designer: Marika Wojciechowska 
Music: Piotr Klimek 
Choreographer: Jacek Owczarek 
Lighting director: Bary 

Cast: Hanna Matusiak, Ewa Wróblewska, Żaneta Małkowska, Małgorzata Krawczenko, Mariusz Olbiński, Łukasz Bzura, Łukasz Batko, Natalia Wieciech, Anna Makowska. 

Monday, the 9th of November 2015, 7.00 pm
Tuesday, the 10th of November, 7.00 pm 
Place: Assembly Roxy, 2 Roxburgh Pl, Edinburgh EH8 9SU
Tickets: £10/ £12, +44 131 510 5511, www.assemblyroxy.com
Age: 15+
Duration: 135 minutes (with intermission)

A spectacle in Polish with English subtitles.

The project is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland and Lodz City Council.