Krajewscy & Chili Beauty Atelier Opens!

Ewa and Piotr Krajewscy, fashion designers from Warsaw, have recently abandoned the capital for Gdynia. In collaboration with a cosmetic brand – Chili, they opened the first Atelier Krajewscy & Chili Beauty on the 5 August.

The opening was scandal and provocation free. Piotr Krajewski didn’t make any performance either, despite being well known for those. All the guests were focused on the core matter – fashion and art.

The idea behind Krajewscy & Chili Beauty Atelier was to create a place where fashion and art would mix together and where every woman could come and be taken care of, leaving fashionably dressed and with perfect make-up and hair style. All of that  done by experts.

Designer clothes,  professional hair and skin care, manicure and make-up by Chili Beauty, everything embedded in amazing, artistic environment, surrounded by Piotr Krajewski’s paintings. Women may put their trust there in the hands of true professionals to prepare them for those small as well as bigger occasions and always feel fabulous  and satisfied with the end result.

At the opening, the designers presented their newest autumn/winter 2015 collection. The collection stands out thanks to its unusual cuts and prints as well as colourful and high-quality Italian fabrics.

Ewa and Piotr Krajewscy also offer individual consultations for women who have problems finding something suitable for themselves among widely available products. They will help you with finally getting things that meet your needs and expectations.

Atelier Krajewscy & Chili Beauty
Al. Zwycięstwa 289 w Gdyni