Artur’s debut in the UK

As part of Artur Sychowski 2015 summer tour, there will be two debut performances in the UK.

Artur Sychowski is a pianist, composer, improviser and visionary who does not confine himself to the rigid framework of classical music. His work can not be classified in any category. This is music that stimulates the imagination, providing an unforgettable experience, connecting casual listeners as well as sophisticated music lovers. The idea that guides the work of the young artist is the belief that real music is created on the basis of intuition and feelings. During live concert he intuitively adjusts the sound of the piano as well as experimenting with it in an unusual way – for instance, by incorporating unusual items, such as beads, chains or the iPhone. Such behaviour makes each performance a genuine dialogue with the viewer, providing him with an unforgettable experience. His own songs, classical compositions and jazz alike are enriched with improvisations, which makes every concert rise to the rank of unique event.

Despite his young age, Artur has a rich concert experience, gained during performances in Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Serbia, Greece, Malta, Poland and Lithuania. He has written music for numerous films, theater performances and many other projects.

He has been appreciated by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage in Poland, the Marshal of Pomeranian Voivodeship and many non-governmental organizations and has received support from YAMAHA MUSIC. The world media are writing about him, among others, Young Hollywood Atlanta Magazine, Pangea Magazine and Prestige Magazine.

During the concerts in Manchester and London Artur will present the modern approach to music, as well as, freedom of movement between different musical genres. Each of the performances will provide a unique combination of own compositions, improvisation of classical songs and original clas-sical songs.

Please come along and enjoy this unique listening experience.

✓ 03.07.2015 – the artist will perform in Manchester in the series of “Friday Lunchtime Concerts” in the St.Ann’s Church. It will be a warm-up before the concert in London.

✓ 05.07.2015 –  “Piano Impression” concert in The Forge Music Venue in London.

DATE AND PLACE: 03.07. 2015 01:00 PM – 01:45 PM, St Ann’s Church, Manchester.


DATE AND PLACE:  5.07.2015 r. 08:00 PM – 09:30 PM, The Forge Music Venue, London.


TICKETS: £13 online presale, £16 on the day of the concert.

Photo:  Edyta Rembała