Angelika Wierzbicka – A rising young star in photography’s elite!

Smiles, energy and photography are the three words that perfectly characterise the young, budding talent of a world-class photographer of Polish origin.

Angelika Wierzbicka, newly graduated from one of London universities has started to penetrate the world of fashion and art through photography. She is a person who has a vision for her life and an eye for taking beautiful photos.

The story could have begun like in a fairy tale. A girl who loves fashion gets her first camera and finds immediate magic. But it didn’t happen that way. At 12 she had to decide what she really wanted to do in order to choose the profile of her school. She was very clear that it had to be something artistic, but it wasn’t until later on that she realised that photography was what gave her joy and fulfilment. Her family supported her choice up to a point; her main critic at the time was her mum.

Angelika is only 22, but she already knows that by working hard you can go far. Photography allows her to express herself, show beauty – especially female beauty – and prove that being different can be sensual. She believes that fashion can have an influence over everyone, change your image, and highlight your assets. Equipped with a camera and an artist’s eye, she can make a real work of art, something that does not exist in reality. Her talent and perseverance has been noticed by such agencies as Next, Select, Models1, Storm and Premier, all of whom eagerly established cooperation with the young artist. Her photos appear in Coco Magazine, Hunger TV and Material Girl. What distinguishes her from the others? She is willing to work for what she wants, and she is open, determined, persistent, and knows the business inside out. In addition, her passion and desire to work with only the best provide constant motivation.

What are her plans for the future? She has several possibilities, but is still waiting to see what is going to happen in the next few months. Her dream is to get an internship at one of the top fashion magazines, and surprisingly, that doesn’t include Vogue. As Angelika puts it, “Vogue is a bit too boring when it comes to photography. Or maybe I just have different expectations.” She believes that with all her hard work she will be able to establish an interesting and fruitful collaboration with a high-end fashion publication on a permanent basis. In the meantime, she will continue to develop her skills and do her part in promoting Poland throughout the world.

Nicole Termin
Photos: Angelika Wierzbicka